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The Inside Track on Boyriven

The Inside Track on Boyriven

All-ind are extremely proud to enter into a relationship with Boyriven to distribute their truck body parts within the United Kingdom. Adding to our existing portfolio of commercial vehicle spares, we are now able to supply all items from within Boyriven’s range of truck body spares, including the highly regarded collection of Boyriven FIT dry freight roller shutter door parts. FIT wood, wood continuous hinge, Elite and Husky products are now available to buy direct from us in the UK, in addition to roof pillars and dropside profiles, locking gears, hinges, chassis products, tippers and containers, rubber profiles and seals, locks and handles, gas springs, stowage products, lights, electric accessories, signs and markings, sealants and rivets and ventilators.

Within these ranges are the exclusive Boyriven brands including Boyrispray, Boyriflex, Boyribox, Boyrivets, Boyribumper, FIT, Kardel, ML and CityCruiser.

As we continue to expand our range of Boyriven and Boyriven FIT stock items, we will reduce delivery times and make it more convenient than ever to source all of your Boyriven products within the United Kingdom. We look forward to a long and fruitful partnership.

The Boyriven Group

The Boyriven Group is the go-to reference equipment manufacturer for industrial vehicle body building and commercial vehicle components. Its main mission is the distribution of accessories and components for commercial vehicles and mobile equipment. Boyriven have branches in France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Poland and the UK.


In 1803 the Boyriven family founded a vehicle repair workshop in Versailles, opposite the Royal Stables. The end of the 19th Century saw the relocation of the head office in Neuilly-Sur-Seine, and the opening of a branch in Lyon of silk for cars. The family business was really under the spotlight at international exhibitions during this period.

The first half of the 20th Century would see them moving away from accessories for horse-driven vehicles, in favour of motor vehicles. The second half of the 20th Century is marked by the supply of accessories for cars and public transport.

The 1980s would see the Boyriven range move more towards industrial vehicle bodybuilding, moving away from items intended for specific cars.

In the 1990s successive repurchasing from European competitors gave Boyriven a European dimension. It was also during this decade that Boyriven expanded into Asia.

In 2010 the group decided to move their head office and create a logistical platform in Nivelles in the heart of Belgium, with the aim of being able to better serve all of their European clients.

2013 was the year when the Boyriven Group turned towards the future for their clients, by turning towards online business to promote their commercial vehicle spares.


Throughout their activity, and more so with their own brand, the group has been able to surround themselves with quality service providers, who have today become brands in Boyrivens’ own right. Boyriven has their brand on many products: BOYRISPRAY spray suppression, BOYRIBOX tool boxes, BOYRIBUMPERS doorstops, BOYRIFLEX putty, BOYRIVETS rivets and also their own doors and slatted-sides for trucks.  All of these products therefore guarantee you the best quality at the lowest price!

FIT Roller Shutter Doors

FIT is the leading brand in France of the lifting door for industrial vehicles, and benefits from recognised knowhow and product and service quality.

FIT today has a complete range of lifting doors, answering all of their clients' demand.

FIT Wood door (tongue-and-groove or with continuous hinge), fitted to more than 110,000 vehicles.

HUSKY or ISOLITE door, intended for frozen or refrigerated goods transport.

ELITE door, an ultra-light door mainly used for express mail and delivery.

Rail Road Security door, for the transport of mobile cases or high-value goods.

FITALU door, an aluminium curtain which will mainly equip utility and emergency/intervention vehicles.

Continuously looking for new innovations, FITALU and HUSKY doors are today available in a pneumatic version to automate the opening, all while respecting the PIEK certification.

For more information, please go to:


Kardel is a sheeted van manufacturer. Kardel allowed the group to become a major player in the sheeted vehicle market. Their product ranges extend from bespoke side sheet kits, from 3.5 to 32 tonnes, to sliding roof kits.

Kardel products are manufactured and tested in compliance with the DIN EN 12642 authorisation, in accordance with safety standards.


The company ML, which Boyriven acquired in the 1990s, specialises in the creation of electric kits, and the manufacture of lanterns, limiting lights, and other lighting products. Today, the brand has truly launched themselves by adding to their appeal, technical and efficient products, such as their range of interior lights or LED work lights.

 * Content for this article was taken directly from the Boyriven Group main website

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